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I’m Kimberly Biggs Roberson Founder of S.I.S (Self Care Is Sexy) for so many years I lost who I was as A woman All while being the Amazing Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Motivator. All the many titles that come along with be A Woman.

When working out I literally would just find myself wearing anything. That also was the case when I was Just chilling at the House or simply Running errands. Then my mother literally pulled me to the side one Day and said. “Kim is that how you look when you workout?” Looking puzzled I said yes. She said no ma’am , when you workout. You need to look Good so you can feel good, feel sexy.

Then I started Applying that technique to getting myself together before working out, lounging around the House, or Running Errands.


I thought to myself I wonder how many other women do this? I’m sure I’m not the only guilty one and that’s how S.I.S was created. A brand created to inspire, motivate, Encourage women to take back Self Care own it and Love it. Because You are Worth it!

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